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Only Invest in Car Companies that Build Electric Cars

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted February 19, 2016

If you're looking to invest in a car company, stay away from any that aren't actively building out their electric vehicle fleets.

Why Oil Will Rally in 2016

Written by Geoffrey Pike
Posted January 18, 2016

In June 2014, a barrel of oil was trading for over $100. In the course of just over 18 months, the price has dropped by over 70%. Saudi Arabia is dying and oil is about to rally.

The Biggest IPO Scam of All Time?

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted January 14, 2016

For many companies, that IPO moment marks the high-water mark for the company, and after the early investors get their earnings, the company begins to fall flat.

Who Will Sell Out America?

Written by Briton Ryle
Posted January 13, 2016

Where does Saudi Arabia think it will IPO its oil company? What do they want to do with the money? And what investment bank is going to help them?

Green Chip Stocks

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted January 12, 2016

You don't need a winning Powerball ticket to get rich.

Green Chip Stocks for 2016

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted December 8, 2015

Now, I'm not writing this today just to boast. Instead, I want to introduce you to the world of Green Chip Stocks. Save the planet and get rich at the same time!

Free Markets, Not Liberal Democrats will Save the Planet

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted October 15, 2015

If you want to protect the planet, ignore the politicians and invest in renewable energy.

The Future of Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA)

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted September 1, 2015

Electric cars are here to stay, but not all claims are what they seem to be.

Climate Change: Invest or Run?

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted August 26, 2015

The precautionary principle dictates investing in clean energy.

Investing in China Solar Stocks

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted August 18, 2015

Quick trades in China are fine, but for long-term investment opportunities in the solar space, stick with U.S. stocks.

The True Doomsday Index

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted July 23, 2015

According to the Skyscraper Index, the location of the world's current tallest building under construction is where financial ruin is coming or has already arrived.

Investing in the Death of Coal

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted July 16, 2015

King Coal has been dethroned. Long live the age of renewable energy.

Russian Nukes on U.S. Soil

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted July 2, 2015

Over its 20-year lifespan, the Megatons to Megawatts program between the U.S. and Russia has accounted for up to 10% of the total energy used in the United States.

T. Boone Pickens Oil Price Prediction

Written by Geoffrey Pike
Posted June 8, 2015

How much control does Saudi Arabia really have over oil prices? Probably not as much as you think.

Intel and Altera Are All About Energy

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted June 1, 2015

Leading North American chipmaker Intel is finally coming to an agreement to acquire Altera Corporation...